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Prehistoric Fun Park (128x128)
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We mustn't have been paying attention in our GCSE History lessons. We always thought cavemen spent their time building fires, slaying mammoths, and scratching incomprehensible drawings on the walls just to frustrate future archaeologists. But no. It seems that Neanderthals were just as fond of whooping it up on rollercoasters as us 21st centurions. At least, that's the message in THQ Wireless' upcoming game, Prehistoric Fun Park. If you've ever played PC/console game Theme Park, well, Prehistoric Fun Park seems a lot like that, except with more loincloths. Your job is to build a prehistoric theme park to keep your fellow cavemen and cave-ladies happy. You get to pick from 25 different rides to build, while complementing them with shops and other attractions. You hire and fire staff, and the overall aim is to wipe the floor with four rival theme parks.

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muneeb - 18.11.14
its a good game
indian - 29.10.14
teri behan ka bhosda maru landcht game hai
prakash the prince - 21.10.12
it's a enjoyble game
Raj - 28.08.12
Best and funny game my fav park
Safeuq - 17.11.11
This game gives me the feeling of past
charlene falco - 16.06.10
game keeps freezeing up cant play it
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